About Us

Founded in 2013, ObitNotify.com is an innovative media company that collaborates with funeral homes and/or individuals in the continental United States sharing obituaries of loved ones with the people who want to be notified via email when someone they know passes away …They must share the same criteria in their ObitNotify.com profile.

ObitNotify.com is here to keep you informed …to Notify you… of the deaths of friends and loved ones from across the country. Oftentimes loved ones miss the opportunity to express condolences by not being aware of a passing. ObitNotify.com is here to change that missed opportunity.

When you sign up at ObitNotify.com, fill in all fields with as much information as possible, and when an obituary is posted to ObitNotify.com and matches information in your profile, you will receive an email, of the obituary within 24 hours of the obituary posting.

If you would like to post an obituary that will allow others to be notified of your loved one’s passing. There is no charge, just use this code 8BG75q (case sensitive), when prompted for a payment method, and the obituary with photos will remain on ObitNotify.com indefinitely. Our goal is to provide you with a more efficient way to notify others while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Please tell all of your friends and family to sign up with ObitNotify.com.

There is no cost to get Notified and to place any obituary!

Thank you,

Team ObitNotify.com